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“Everything I do is to prove people can have financial freedom and influence their family’s wealth for generations, so they don’t feel financially oppressed by Unforeseen occurrences, or wealth transfers due to Administration Fees, Stock Market downfalls, and excessive Taxation.
All I do is teach people the difference between math and wealth.”

Why Phalanx Financial Solutions Group ?

What make us different from other financial planners is that we focus on education, protection and wealth transfers.

As an independent firm, we are not guided by any outside interests. We are firmly planted on the side of our clients.



Life Insurance
Disability Income Insurance
Long-Term Care Insurance
Individual Health/Dental/Vision Insurance

Business Owners

Buy/Sell Agreement Planning
Tax-Free Retirement Planning
Sucession Planning
Business Continuation Planning
Employee Benefits

Corporate & Executives

Executive Retirement Benefits
Deferred Compensation
Employee Benefits
Group Health Benefits

How we work with our clients

Planning and Strategies

You will receive planning and strategies for no initial costs or charges. We do not want our clients to have a financial risk or obligation for us to do planning. We want to assume the financial risk for our time.

Understand Strategies & Plans

You will have a basic understanding of why we recommend certain plans and strategies. We want you to understand how they work and why they are important to your financial success.

Like the Strategies

You must feel good about the plans and strategies. We want you to feel good about implementing the recommendations.

Your Best Interest

You must always feel that what is recommended is in your best interest. We never want you to proceed with any recommendation unless this is true.

You decide to Implement

You decide when to proceed with the implementation of any plan or strategy that is recommended.

No Pressure or Coercion

At no time will we pressure you into making a decision. We will always support you in doing what you know is best for you.

Implement with Us

If you understand and like our strategies, we expect you to implement the recommendations with us.


If you think our process is valuable, we would like you to introduce us to others who may benefit as you have.

Extraordinary Service for Extraordinary People

Testimonials & Featured Clients

Phalanx helped me get my financial life in order. They listened and they gave me exactly what I was looking for in building my financial retirement portfolio. I feel relieved that is completed and I'm set for the future.

Moneshia Perkins Rn

Eddie called me just when I was looking for a financial consultant to help me plan for my Retirement. He is very informative with investments solutions that made me feel comfortable and now I can say profitable! He is always available when I need questions answered and follows up with any updates or changes that may be beneficial for my financial growth! I highly recommend his services!

Karen D. Williams

Our Blog

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As an independent firm, we are not guided by any outside interests. We are firmly planted on the side of our clients. Our primary goal is to serve each client with the highest levels of integrity and expertise possible. Phalanx Financial Solutions Group also has...

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