In schools across the country, there are countless teachers working through their lunch breaks trying to keep up with the demands of the day. But what many don’t know is that in the time it takes to eat lunch, they could conduct a retirement savings review with a financial professional.

Here’s a repeating story of a financial professional trying to encourage a teacher to talk about retirement planning:
Financial Professional: What did you have for lunch?
Teacher: Tuna sandwich.
Financial Professional: Toasted or untoasted?
Teacher: Toasted.
Financial Professional: How long did it take you to eat it?
Teacher: About 8 minutes.
Financial Professional: How long did you spend reviewing your retirement plan’s recent quarterly statement?
Teacher: About 2 minutes.
Financial Professional: I can help with that. Next time, I’ll spring for the tuna sandwich and we’ll sit for at least 8 minutes to start looking at your retirement income strategy together.

For many, talking about retirement can seem as boring as a tuna sandwich. But if anyone appreciates the burning need to tackle retirement savings, it’s a teacher.